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Elmolight Bt. has been selected for inclusion in the 2011-2012 European Business Awards sponsored by HSBC

Every year the European Business Awards research team spend six months analysing over 15 000 companies across Europe to seek out the very best businesses that demonstrate the guiding principles of the Awards:
·         Commercial success
·         Innovation  
·         Business ethics
Elmolight Bt. has been selected for inclusion in the European Business Awards programme.
Having been selected for inclusion in the 2011 programme, ELMOLIGHT Bt. will now be eligible for selection as one of the Country Representatives to represent Hungary in the competition. Progress in the competition carries significant prestige and can bring high levels of media exposure and recognition.
Ivan Alcàntara (Research Manager - European Business Awards):
 “We were particularly impressed with the success ELMOLIGHT Bt. has demonstrated in its approach to Environmental and Corporate Sustainability and the impact this has had across its business and society as a whole. With this in mind ELMOLIGHT Bt. has been elected for entry in the Environmental and Corporate Sustainability category. Congratulations again on creating such a successful business, and I look forward to watching your progress through the various stages of the European Business Awards.
The European Business Awards
An innovative, strong and thriving business community makes a successful and prosperous Europe.
The European Business Awards recognises and promotes excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community. The Awards uncover and promote examples of individuals and organisations that have achieved outstanding results setting them apart as the leading companies, business leaders and entrepreneurs in Europe. The European Business Awards programme serves three distinct and important purposes for the business community at large:
·         It provides examples for the rest of the business community to aspire to
·         It celebrates and endorses individuals and organisations which have been successful
·         It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional businesses 
In five years the programme has very rapidly established itself as the major accolade in European business. From Daimler to Q-Cells, from Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (CEO Nokia) to Peter Brabeck-Letmathe - Chairman of the Board, Nestlé S.A., Wim Kok (ex Prime Minister of the Netherlands) to José María Aznar (ex Prime Minister of Spain) all have become supporters and actively involved in the programme. The programme boasts a highly impressive line up of entrepreneurs setting the benchmark for others across Europe. This is down to the quality, rigour, research and participation in the Awards. These are the same reasons why the programme has generated so much media coverage (the European Business Awards 2010 PR and communications strategy has reached a business audience of 110 million across all media including newspaper, online, radio and TV).
More information is available on www.businessawardseurope.com
All information collected during the judging process is confidential and is used only for the purposes of judging the competition.
The European Business Awards is a self-funding venture set up and run with the support of forward thinking organisations including: HSBC, RSM International and UKTI. Our supporters believe it is important to promote and endorse business success across the European Union for our long term prosperity.
Judging Process
40 leading business and establishment figures, industrialists, thought leaders, public servants, academics and entrepreneurs from across Europe make up the judging panels. The judging is a multilayered process. The first phase of judging is undertaken by an independent panel who will rigorously select up to 25 companies to represent their country and be entered into the next round of the competition to achieve a Ruban D’Honneur. All written submissions are scored against set category criteria and the guiding principles of the Awards. From these submissions, 10 companies in each of the 10 categories are selected to receive the accolade of Ruban d’Honneur. Ruban d’Honneur recipients are then invited to make a presentation, in person, to the judging panels. Based on the presentations and written submissions the judging panels select an overall winner in each of the categories. Ruban d’Honneur recipients will be honoured and the names of the Award winners revealed before 400 of Europe’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, business commentators and media at an Awards ceremony in November, 2011.
European Business Awards Certificate Elmolight